Project Rose Sports Science Program Opening 

Project Rose Sports Medicine Program Opening September 8, 2017

Project Rose Sports Science Center screens NFL Hall of Fame players for Sleep Apnea  

This year’s Super Bowl was especially meaningful for NFL Hall of Fame players Mike Singletary, Earl Campbell, Mike Haynes and Carl Eller. In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, the former NFL players convened in Minneapolis to participate in a sleep apnea screening offered by the American Sleep and Breathing Academy and provided by the Project Rose Sports Science Center in conjunction with the Pro Player Health Alliance.

Project Rose, based in Tyler, Texas and founded by Campbell along with former NFL star Gary Baxter, is a state-of-the-art, transcendent facility and research lab dedicated to excellence in sports medicine and therapy. Sleep apnea is just one of the many disorders that is screened, diagnosed and treated at Project Rose by some of the top physicians and specialists in the country.

Baxter states, “For Earl and myself, Project Rose is a dream come true. We wanted to bring something truly special to not only athletes, but also the public at large. Thanks to the backing of the NFL, we’re able to offer world-class specialists to help diagnose and treat injuries – and even prevent them from occurring through education. Our goal is to help people with illnesses or injuries return to a normal life, whether that’s on the field – or off.”

Sleep apnea is a serious and common disorder that affects breathing during sleep. If left untreated, sleep apnea can cause excessive snoring, sleep deprivation and fatigue, high blood pressure, heart disease, weight gain, depression, anxiety – and even death in severe cases.

The sleep apnea screenings held in Minneapolis for the NFL players were performed by Dr. Mark Wilson and Dr. Greg Ross, sleep dentists with the Diplomates of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, and otolaryngologist, Dr. Inell Rosario.

Former NFL linebacker Rick Graf, who attended the screenings along with the Hall of Famers, was indeed diagnosed with sleep apnea. The two most common treatments for those with sleep apnea are a CPAP machine with mask that delivers air pressure while one sleeps – and a custom oral appliance that moves the patient’s jaw forward to increase the size of the upper airway, thus reducing the air resistance that leads to sleep apnea.

In the case of Graf, he opted for the oral appliance. He stated, “I was so happy to hear about this (the screenings) happening. I knew I needed to be tested. I snore, but I knew there was something wrong with my breathing at night, too. I’m hoping this oral appliance will change my life!”

Project Rose Sports Science Center is pleased to offer in-house sleep testing at their advanced Tyler facility, performed under the supervision of an ENT who is board-certified in sleep disorders. Project Rose also offers both the CPAP machine and custom oral appliances, made in-house by a dental specialist.

For the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, turn to the pros at Project Rose!

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For Release October 27, 2016 For More Information Contact: Jess Mowery, 903.525.7002 (Texas Spine & Joint Hospital)

Texas Spine & Joint Hospital to Partner with Local Retired NFL Players to Create Project Rose Research Institute for Sports Science

Texas Spine & Joint Hospital is working with two former NFL greats to establish an institute in sports medicine research and treatment, CEO Tony Wahl announced. The Earl Campbell and Gary Baxter Project Rose Research Institute for Sports Science, which is anticipated to open in 2017, will launch through collaboration with two former NFL players and Tyler natives. Hall of Fame and Heisman Trophy-winning running back Earl Campbell and All-Pro defensive back Gary Baxter will play a pivotal role in securing contributions to help fund the efforts of Project Rose’s 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. The Project Rose Research Institute for Sports Science will focus on several objectives, such as cutting-edge research that will ultimately help patients being treated by Texas Spine & Joint Hospital and beyond. This new institute, located on the hospital’s 2nd floor, will also conduct research on sports and combat injuries and how to prevent them through better equipment and proper training. Finally, the institute will seek philanthropic funding to help current and retired athletes, as well as aspiring young people, get the benefit of sports injury and prevention, rehabilitation and performance training. “My hometown means the world to me, and to be able to give back is what life is all about,” said Earl Campbell. “My goal for this non-profit is to help as many people as possible, while we contribute to the study of sports science. I am so thankful for the opportunity”. The research institute will play an integral part in providing valuable data that will be used worldwide in the training and treatment of athletes and military veterans. Traumatic brain injury/concussion research, treatment and prevention will be major focus areas, as well as preventing overuse injuries. Additionally, the institute’s leaders hope the research data will prove useful to the STOP Sports Injuries campaign, of which Texas Spine & Joint Hospital is a participating facility. “We are confident that this collaboration will result in advancements in sports medicine, health, nutrition and fitness for east Texans,” stated Tony Wahl, CEO of Texas Spine & Joint Hospital. “Further, we hope to make significant strides in the prevention of sports injuries and concussions, particularly in young athletes.”

Project Rose: Earl Campbell and Gary Baxter Sports Science Research Center will advance the health and wellness of East Texans through sports, physical activity, nutrition and education. The foundation is also dedicated to leveling the playing field for economically disadvantaged high school and collegiate athletes by providing access to medical care, sports nutrition, training and related expertise regardless of ability to pay. An optimistic Gary Baxter echoed Campbell’s comments. “It feels great giving back to my community in a unique way,” added Baxter. “Our foundation’s mission is simple: help change lives and make a difference in a positive way in our community and worldwide. I am honored to be able to help the next generation of athletes, military vets, and people through sports science research”. In addition to research, Project Rose will offer multiple sports medicine, fitness and wellness programs to both athletes and military veterans. This includes surgical and non-surgical treatment of injuries, primary care sports medicine, multi-disciplinary therapy and rehabilitation and female-specific sports health and wellness. Patrons will have access to multiple health and wellness options, such as state of the art fitness routines, nutrition counseling and executive health. Sports-specific performance training and sports nutrition counseling, located in an award-winning fitness studio in downtown Tyler, will be staples for athletes, weekend warriors and active individuals. Texas Spine & Joint Hospital is a physician-owned hospital specializing in orthopedic and spine surgery, procedures, and diagnostic tests. TSJH includes a fully licensed acute care hospital, an outpatient surgery center, two walk-in clinics, and an ancillary imaging center. With a total medical staff of over 200, TSJH employs over 350 full and part time employees. In 2015, TSJH received a 5-Star ranking from Medicare and was awarded “Physician Hospital of the Year” from Physician Hospitals of America.