What is human Kinetics and how can it help with my rehab?

Kinetics is the study of forces and movements within humans. For injured people, doctors apply this information to their rehab programs. Athletes use this knowledge to improve their fitness routines and prevent sports injuries. Learn more about the importance of using kinetics to assist with physical rehabilitation.

The Purpose of Human Kinetics

Kinetics, also known as kinesiology, involves the physical, mechanical and physiological effects of human movements. It's a topic that is frequently studied in sports medicine and physical therapy. Kinesiologists study the ways that people move their bodies and use their minds to perform.

Its Use in Physical Rehabilitation

Patients who are injured in car accidents or have debilitating illnesses must undergo physical therapy. Doctors typically recommend regular bouts of exercise that may include walking on treadmills or stretching. Exercise also helps people to increase their muscular strength and expand their range of flexibility.


Human kinetics promote the importance of exercise in physical rehabilitation. Patients do not just exercise - they think about how they move and plan their next movements carefully. Those who focus on kinetics will gain more benefits from exercising and reduce common fitness injuries. Kinesiologists say that people should walk or jog using cautious, well-planned movements. They will add that joggers are less likely to lose their balance and strain certain muscles if they use the correct posture.

Electrical Monitoring

Kinetics include the study of electrophysiology to monitor electrical activities within the body. Human heartbeats are indicators of good or poor health. As the person runs, the heart rate increases and is monitored to check for irregular heartbeats. In addition to the heart, kinesiologists study other body parts, such as the lungs or brain, to see how physical activities benefit each person.


Kinetics is useful in overcoming a range of sports injuries. Using an ice or heat pack is not effective on a severe injury. It's also necessary to learn how to stretch and move the muscles in ways that promote healing. If you remain still, the stiffness sets in your body and the injury may not heal at all.

Kinesiology is a field that is actively practiced by doctors and sports professionals. It helps people to increase their physical strength and reduce accidents that cause injuries. There are also proven benefits to mental health that include reduced levels of depression and insomnia. Anyone who needs physical or sports rehab should participate in human kinetics.

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