What is involved in a Health & Wellness Program

What is involved in a Health & Wellness Program
Taking a proactive approach toward health is more important today than it has ever been. The hectic pace of modern life, busy family schedules and eating on the run can set the stage for a variety of health issues. The Project Rose Institute can design an individualized health & wellness strategy will improve your overall healthy, increase your energy and ensure that your immune system is primed to resist disease. Here’s a closer look at what a custom-designed health & wellness program can do for you.

What Is A Health & Wellness Program?
Any health & wellness strategy must begin with a thorough health assessment to determine current physical condition and to anticipate possible problems in the future. A questionnaire will ask about medical history, lifestyle, and current health status. You will also receive a basic biometric screening for blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index. This data is used to design a program that will help you to reach health targets. The program will also address issues such as weight management, smoking cessation and stress reduction that can have a direct effect on general health.

How Can A Health & Wellness Program Help Me?
Many individuals find that a health & wellness program provides a structure to help them focus on matters that will benefit them, both physically and emotionally. You may know that you’re under a great deal of stress, but continue your usual patterns without attending to this important health factor. You may have tried to stop smoking, but have been unsuccessful and need an “outside source” to provide encouragement and support. You may understand that carrying those extra pounds affect your health in negative ways, but have not found an appropriate weight management program to lose those pounds. Or you may be unaware of underlying health problems that may cause problems in the future. A health & wellness program can clarify these issues and help you find effective ways to minimize your health risks and maximize your condition.

What’s Does the Program Consist Of?
Your individualized health & wellness program will include a range of strategies to improve your general health and overall condition, including diet, exercise plan, stress reduction techniques, physical therapy and health monitoring. If you have specific medical concerns, regular monitoring will be tailored into the program to ensure you receive optimum care. These measures will help you to achieve your highest level of fitness and health.

A Proven System of Improving Health & Preventing Illness
A structured health & wellness program can provide specific targets for you that will ensure you are able to reach your health goals successfully. It can also offer the support and advice you need to maintain an ongoing regimen that will help you to feel better, look better and perform at optimum levels.

Contact the Project Rose Research Institute for Sports Science to learn more about a program that can help to maximize your health and improve your performance.

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