Project Rose Sleep Program Announces “SLEEP BETTER” series.

Project Rose Sleep Program Announces “SLEEP BETTER” series.

A series of sleep education awareness classes to help you sleep better with the Endowed Professor at University of Texas at Tyler, Shih-Yu (Sylvia) Lee, RN, PhD and lots more!

Project Rose Sleep Program, the acclaimed one-stop destination for innovative sleep and stress solutions, is pleased to announce a series of sleep-related classes beginning on March 4, 2019.

Gain an understanding of sleep theories and neural mechanisms contributing to states of sleep and wakefulness. Emphasis is on understanding how perturbations neurotransmitter systems manifest as sleep related disorders and on interventions for sleep disorders.

Based on extensive scientific sleep studies and research, renowned sleep experts will present invaluable information to help you understand sleep disorders and solutions -- and how you can sleep better tonight, no matter what stage of life you’re in!

Topics in the series may include:

1. Why do we spend one third of our life in sleep? How do we sleep better?
2. Sleep regulation and ways to assess sleep.
3. Sleep and memory.
4. Sleep in infants, children, and adolescents.
5. Sleep in older adults.
6. Sleep during pregnancy and postpartum.
7. Sleeplessness while you’re under stress -- and managements for insomnia.
8. Sleep problems as a shift-worker, including managements for circadian rhythms disorders.
9. Managements for excessive sleepiness, such as those who fall asleep in classroom or at work.
10. Snoring or sleep apnea? Managements of sleep-related breathing disorders.
11. Why my body keeps shaking? Managements of sleep-related movement disorders.
12. Chronic illness and its effects on sleep.
13. Basic science of sleep
14. Sleep in lifespan
15. Common sleep problems
16. Sleep and health promotion

Sign up for the Project Rose Sleep Program classes today! Learn how to “SLEEP BETTER”
This important and insightful series of classes is sure to fill up and is limited to 25 physical attendees in each class. You can also join us online through our website or portal. Contact Project Rose at our main number 903-705-7557 or sign up online through our website at under Project Rose Sleep Program. Let us know which topic you’re interested in, and more information will be available for you after you sign up.

For the most innovative and effective sleep solutions, trust the pros at Project Rose!

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